Learning How To Break In A New Pocket Bike

Many people don’t know that you have to break in your new pocket bike before you do any rides or tricks with it. Unless of course you want to be buying a whole new bike engine for it.

Heat Cycling is a method where you will need to run the engine and let it idle for 5 to 10 minutes. We recommend that you go for 10 minutes. The longer you do it the more confident you are that it will help your engine.

After ten minutes of letting it idle (which means no riding it or sitting on it) you will notice that the engine is below the normal operating temperature. You will need to shut off the engine and let it cool down completely. This will take some time so be patient!

Once the cool down is complete turn it on again to idle for another 10 minutes before shutting it off once again and letting it cool down. You will repeat this process a total of four times.

Once you have completed the fourth cycle of idling you are now able to ride your bike – but only at a slow pace. Only go so far as the tank of gas will allow and please don’t speed – at least not yet. Revving your engine or any tricks during this stage will stress out the engine.

Once you have finished off the gas you can fill it back up. NOW you can enjoy your rocket to its fullest and have some fun! Just remember to play safe.

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