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Whenever you have a kid you want to be sure you do what you will be able to make certain that they are safe and cared for. That features hunting for the top schools for them to go to. It also helps to treat them to fun toys when they are doing a really good job in something. One thing that the majority kids are asking for as of late can be a pocket bike.

This is a mini motorcycle that appears like it cannot be any larger than the traditional bicycle for a toddler. It’s quite small although it just isn’t so small that older kids could not use it. It can be powered by either the electrical engine or through gas fuel. It is determined by what you need them to use.

When looking for the right model you want to be able to get something that is going to be safe for them to use. Understand that these shouldn’t be able to reach high speeds unless you purchase a special part. They’ll have the brakes, lights, and other security characteristics which are needed. But remember they can’t drive them like crazy.

In essence these are a more up-to-date version of the go kart. Also they are a much quieter version. These won’t send you running into your house for cover when the kid uses it. In fact, with the right model, you can find yourself wanting to obtain your very own model. You simply need to find the proper one.

Do research and try to find a model that is thought to be easy to use and affordable. Many people like better to use the Raptor pocket bike since the work that is put into making it. Just make sure to also buy a helmet for the kid to use to be safe.

Pocket rockets are great fun and they are so cute – but they should not be underestimated. They can still be dangerous when people who are using them do not know what they are doing. It is important that you know exactly how to be safe before purchasing your own fast pocket rocket.

Protective Gear


Like with riding a bike you also need to make sure that you wear the necessary safety gear. The most important of these is a helmet – but you will also need knee pads, elbow pads, and maybe even some gloves. Make sure that your helmet does not block your vision or keep you from moving your head in all directions.

Important Laws


Every state have set up their own specific pocket bike laws that must be followed. To find out what those laws are you can contact your local authorities.

Age Restrictions


I know that these bikes are great fun for adults and children – but you have to set limits. Most people believe that children who are younger then 12 should not drive them. However, there are others who feel that with the right supervision their younger children can ride.

Keep Off Streets And Sidewalks


You need to keep your bikes off of streets and sidewalks. They are too small to be among larger motorized vehicles and too big too ride on the sidewalks where you can run into other people

Good Weather Only


It is not safe to ride your pocket bike when it has just rained, foggy, snowed, or at night. These conditions can impair your vision and also cause the traction on your bike to mess up.

Many people don’t know that you have to break in your new pocket bike before you do any rides or tricks with it. Unless of course you want to be buying a whole new bike engine for it.

Heat Cycling is a method where you will need to run the engine and let it idle for 5 to 10 minutes. We recommend that you go for 10 minutes. The longer you do it the more confident you are that it will help your engine.

After ten minutes of letting it idle (which means no riding it or sitting on it) you will notice that the engine is below the normal operating temperature. You will need to shut off the engine and let it cool down completely. This will take some time so be patient!

Once the cool down is complete turn it on again to idle for another 10 minutes before shutting it off once again and letting it cool down. You will repeat this process a total of four times.

Once you have completed the fourth cycle of idling you are now able to ride your bike – but only at a slow pace. Only go so far as the tank of gas will allow and please don’t speed – at least not yet. Revving your engine or any tricks during this stage will stress out the engine.

Once you have finished off the gas you can fill it back up. NOW you can enjoy your rocket to its fullest and have some fun! Just remember to play safe.

Is it a good idea to purchase a used pocket bike? Many have asked that question. After all there could be problems with it and if you purchase it online or don’t know much about these bikes then you could shell out money for something that doesn’t even run. It is true that you are taking a big risk buying a used pocket bike – but at the same time there are many advantages to it.

Of course one of the best advantages to it and the most obvious is the fact that they are going to be cheaper and more affordable for many of us. Instead of paying out $300 you could end up by paying out $100 or maybe even less. You know that they will be cheaper because used pocket bikes are like used cars. The minute they are drive off the lot they start to depreciate in value. Don’t confuse this with depreciating in quality. Most often these bikes can be found 50% to 75% of their original value.

Another advantage of buying used pocket bikes is that you have the ability to work your way to a price that you can afford. You should have a set price in your head and try not go above it. Now when purchasing a used bike from a retailer you will have a hard time trying to get the price you want unless they already have one. They don’t usually have any room to haggle due to their policies.

That is when you should go to individual people who are selling their bikes. These people are able to work with you and there is plenty of bargaining to be had here.