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If your daughter or son is like my daughter you are searching for the perfect solution to satisfy their outdoor craving of fun in the sun. With all the interactive indoor activities that are so high tech the playground swing set is not going to hold the interest of an inquisitive tomboy like my little girl. So, after searching for the perfect gift I found the mini quad.

A mini quad is a smaller version of a four wheeler and is designed specially for children. At least that is how they seemed to be designed. They range in different sizes – but many of them look like only children could fit on them. However, you would be surprised to see just how many adults will buy them for personal fun and even for racing. I suppose these are the new go karts. They are just as fun – if not more – and thank heavens they are not as noisy.

Depending what size you want partly depends on how powerful you want it. Obviously I don’t want it to be ultra powerful because she has never driven anything before and she is still young. Naturally she will be driving this on a back lot or road where there are no other cars around or people to run over.

Many of the mini quads can be adjusted to match the riders’ height – which is great! This will make it easier for her to ride it while I am on it. Someone has to show her how to operate it. I just hope that she will enjoy it.